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  • Quan Barnett

Anticipating Fall Market Trends

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Fall is quickly approaching, and much like the anticipated season changes, you can also expect market changes to follow. We've compiled a few of the leading market trends you can expect this coming Fall 2023. Is this your season as a buyer or seller?

Fall is the season for Buyers

Fall is a buyer’s market. The market has cooled down from the busy summer season, and now buyers have an advantage over sellers.

The number of homes available for buyers to choose from has decreased, which means that competition between buyers will be less fierce than during the spring and summer months.

This also means that there is more room for negotiation and less competition overall when looking at properties.

Rental and vacation homes peak

The Summer rental season has now ended, and the flexibility in scheduling and timing allows buyers to look for their next rental and/or vacation property.

There is less pressure in deciding

Families have returned to work, the children are In school, and there are fewer peak pressure-making decision factors on you as a Buyer and/or Seller. You can take your time and weigh decisions with less stress and more flexibility.

The prices will fall like leaves

Timing is everything, and Fall is certainly the time you’re likely to see a drop in pricing and more flexibility in sales, as there are fewer Buyers for Sellers to vet through. While things may have been out of reach in the past, many potential price drops and high-value homes are coming on the market within a lower price-point.

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