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Every individual dreams of owning a home for comfortability and cost reduction, there are several other reasons why people wants to own a home. With the purposes of owning a home, there are some condition or tips that a new homeowner should know.

Every homeowner should know:

The electrical panel(s): There is at least one or several reasons why home owners should know where and how the connection of electrical cables are been passed through the home. The switches below control individual areas, rooms, or even dedicated appliances in your home. These switches should be labeled; if not, you and a partner can often figure them out by turning on everything in your home, and systematically flipping the switches to see what turns off Water controls: knowing where you can turn the water supply off for your appliances and for your home is an important safety matter. There are multiple instances in which you’d need to turn water off. They come in a variety of shapes, and are sometimes in a funny location. What you may not have is an accessible shut-off for tubs/showers. Sometimes you’ll have panels, or access in spaces behind bathrooms, but in many cases you’d need a plumber to shut off those water sources. Gas meter and shut-off: knowing where the gas valves is are as important as knowing where the switches are. This will be located at the exterior of your home, on the gas meter. It does require a wrench to turn off, which can be bought on Amazon. Some homes also have a master shut-off inside the home in addition to the master at the meter. Attic access: Some houses, especially with additions, have more than one attic access. For instance, in our current home, there’s one attic access outside our bedroom for the main part of the house, and another access in the garage for the addition that was put on a few years back. Sewer Access: Every home should have a sewer access point (or points) called a “clean-out” which gives plumbers access to your line in case of emergency. These are where lines are snaked in to unclog obstructions, as well as camera lines to inspect the condition of pipes. Property line: You’re expanding or adding to your structures, be it a home addition, a new shed, etc. If it encroaches on a neighboring property, you could be set back thousands of dollars fixing it. Some neighbors don’t care, but some do. Don’t take the risk. Water heater temperature gauge: You do actually have control over how hot your water gets with a temperature gauge on the water heater tank itself. Most modern heaters are pre-set at 120, but if you have an older model, it may be set hotter than that.

These and many more are the reasons why new home owners should know before moving to a new home.

There are some steps to buying a house, which involves the act of deciding the kind of property you want to buy, how much money are you willing to spend in buying the house, finding a good solicitor to complete the legal work.

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